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Would you like a FREE copy of my forthcoming books?

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Ever wondered how a book can have so many reviews immediately upon publication. I'm going to tell you. 

Many authors have a team of reviewers ready and waiting to read their latest and greatest work. Once the new book is ready, they receive a full copy, not a sample, not a draft, but the final polished product - hot of the press - so to speak. I send ebooks, by the way. Sadly, cost and geography mean I can't send paperbacks.


In exchange, all the author asks is that readers leave an honest review on Amazon on publication day and that's it.

I'd love you to join my Advance Review Team. If you do, you'll get a free ebook - Helix Genesis - The Interviews  PLUS a copy of any new book I publish AND my occasional newsletter.

If you do join, I promise your data is safe with me. I never give away my subscriber details.

Please don't sign up unless you are prepared to read and review my book. If you'd simply like to receive my newsletter, please see below.


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Sign up for my not-so-regular newsletter and receive your FREE ebook copy of Helix Genesis - The Interviews. The interviews provide some additional background to the two main characters of Helix Genesis and Helix Nexus: Nathan Helix and Gabrielle Stepper.

It would be great to have you on board. Just hit the big red button below to join up and claim your FREE ebook.

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